Professional Handling
Handling Fees

All-Breed Show   
Ringside Pick-Up
All-Breed Supported Specialty
Independent Specialty
National Specialty
Westminster/AKC Invitational
Group and BIS ring presentation is on a bonus system as listed below.
In addition, the handler shall retain all prize money awarded in ring.

Additional Fees and Bonuses

Breed at All-Breed Show
Breed at All-Breed Supported Specialty $70.00
Group 1 $100.00
Group 2 $75.00
Group 3
Group 4
Best In Show $500.00
Best In Show Specialty (independent)
Specialty WD or WB $25.00
Specialty BW, BOS, AOM, and/or SELECT $50.00
Westminster/Invitational/National BOB $250.00
Westminster/Invitational/National BOS, AOM, or Select $100.00
Non-Regular (Puppy, Veteran, etc) Groups and BIS are ˝ of the regular fee.

Show expenses will be divided equally among the number of dogs traveling each weekend
including dogs along for training. Expenses can include gasoline, parking, food, hotel, airfare,
rental car and miscellaneous dog expenses for the handler and any assistants.

Training and Boarding
Limited boarding is available at this time, please try to book in advance. All of the dogs in our
care are treated like house dogs and the boarding rate is $400.00 per month. The boarding
service also includes supplements, training, grooming, conditioning and bathing. We have over
200 acres that we utilize to train and condition the dogs. Weeknight evening training sessions
are available at $50.00 per half hour and an appointment is necessary. Payment is due at the
time of the session.

Airport Pick-up or Delivery

Greenville, SC $75.00
Charlotte, NC $150.00
Atlanta, GA $150.00

Dog Pick-up Other Than Airport
The service of picking up a dog from a client’s home or meeting at a specific
location is subject to availability and is priced at $1.00 per mile round trip.
Contact Info:
Steve Stewart
Liberty, SC
864-325-8822 (Cell)

Steve Stewart and Pure Pride Boxers

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