Cyrus X Sydney Pups
Pure Pride's Harbourmaster Avalon's Justice Of Windsong, SOM CH Sundarbyís Fleetwood Mac, SOM CH TuRoís Empire, SOM AmCanCH Marquam Hill's Traper Of TuRo, SOM, SOMC, LOM, LOMC
CH TuRoís Touche, DOM
CH Sundarbyís Cover Girl CH Bropatís Red Alert of Asgard, SOM
CH Sultanís Diamond Belle, DOM
CH Avalonís Windsong AmCanCH Bentbrookís Image of High Noon, SOM, SOMC CanCH Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici, SOM, SOMC
Bentbrookís Jewel Box
CH Avalonís Quiet Storm CH Avalonís Odyssey
CH Avalonís Heatwave
CH Pure Pride's Loca-Motion CH Garnsey's Varsity Blues, SOM CH Lynbary's Ode To Cachet CanCH TuRo's Kristian Dior, SOMC, LOMC
CanCH Cachet's Garnet Of TuRo, DOMC
Halcyon Chances Are AmCanCH Cachet's High River Gambler
CH Halcyon Gilding The Lily, CGC
GCH Pure Pride's Absolute GCH Pure Pride N Rion's Witches Brew GCH Solidrock's Major Ensemble At Pure Pride
Rion's Centerfold
Pure Pride's Cassiopia From Greenfield, DOM AmPhCH Oak Knoll's Cruise Control
Greenfield's Simply Irresistible
CH Pure Pride's Baby I'm A Star
BISS GCH Witís End Night Reveler, SOM AmCanCH Samson N Asuncion New Start CanCH Myohmy N MGM's Typhoon AmCanCH Berlane's Joint Venture, SOM, SOMC
CanCH Myohmy N MGM's All That Jazz
Samson's All In, DOMC CH JEMS Jack of Diamonds, SOM, SOMC, LOM
CanCH Emberstouch N Samson's Miss TNT
Wit's End Total Eclipse CH Arriba Talisman Satisfaction, SOM AmGCH MexCH PRO's Original 501 Blues, TT, SOM
CH Triple Crown's Alacazam, DOM
One for the Money at Wit's End CH Arriba Talisman Ego, SOM, LOM
Jazzez Golden Girl Of Wits End
CH Pure Pride Keenen How Can I Refuse, DOM GCH Solidrock's Major Ensemble At Pure Pride CH TuRo's Overture, SOM CH Garnsey's Mad Max, SOM
CH TuRo's Kaleidoscope
CH Korvette's Porsha, RN, TDI, CGC CH Korvette's Sixty Six Sting Ray
Mercedes J Bigwood
Pure Pride's Cassiopia From Greenfield, DOM AmPhCH Oak Knoll's Cruise Control CH Sierra's Law And Order
Oak Knoll's Justa Plain Image
Greenfield's Simply Irresistible CH Greenfields Politically Incorrect
Greenfield's Touch Andgo

Steve Stewart and Pure Pride Boxers

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